Mar 2019

 Chemtrols Middle East as our distributor for the UAE, Kuwait and Oman

EESIFLO – The world Leader in online monitoring systems for Lubrication/Hydraulic circuits

Lubrication systems are important for rotating machinery, especially high speed critical systems where lubricant is continually pumped through a circuit. Very often, we will see changes in the composition and temperature of the lubricant being used because of increased pumping, interaction of machined parts and bearing rotation. Online water contamination monitoring in lubrication oil has become more important to our customers due to the recent improvements in our sensor design. The EASZ-2 is the most modern water ingress sensor available sensor on the market and the first production units were released in early 2018 as an alternative to unreliable legacy products offered by other vendors who have not improved their designs for decades. The EASZ-2 is a not only a modern design but a product that is continually being developed on and improved to suit actual client requirements.

A focus on testing and calibration requirements in Europe and the world.

With our new generation of online water in oil and fuel transmitters, we have paid special attention to calibration requirements, research and testing in our European facility located at:

Železničářská 1
74601 Opava
Czech Republic

At Železničářská, we have invited customers to come and witness/inspect the performance of the new generation of water monitors using carefully designed calibration/testing systems which can vary conditions over short or long time periods through a touch screen computer.  These calibration rigs are also available to the more ardent users who require onsite lab calibration.

For more information on how we can meet your European requirements at Železničářská please contact Phil Hughes This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Chemtrols Middle East as our distributor for the UAE, Kuwait and Oman