Ultrasonic Flow Meters

What are ultrasonic flow meters?

Our range of flow meters is an alternative to mechanical flow meters which require cutting a pipe to install. Flow metering is completely non-invasive. Flow readings are obtained in minutes by simply clamping the flow sensors to the outside wall of the pipe.

Portable Flowmeters

What type of liquids can be measured? 
What pipe sizes are possible?

Our series of clamp on flowmeters are unique by the fact that they are able to measure both clean and dirty fluids with the same pair of sensors.

Our electronics use a DSP (digital signal processor) and are able to accurately measure flow rate even with disturbances in the line e.g aeration or particles up to 10%

With two types of sensors, we are able to cover 0.5 inch to 40 inches.

How to select a clamp on ultrasonic flow meter.

Before ordering, the following questions must be considered. With answers to the following questions we can select the appropriate flow device and ship it to your location.

  • What are the pipe sizes of the liquids that are going to be measured?
  • What is the minimum and maximum process temperature of the application?
  • Do you require a portable battery operated unit or a permanent fixed flow monitor powered by mains?
  • What are the output requirements? E.g. analog, digital, pulse?
  • What is the minimum and maximum flow rate for the flow meter?
  • What is the minimum and maximum flow velocity?
  • Is there a length of straight pipe away from bends and pipe disturbances?
  • Is the pipe always filled with liquid?

What are the advantages of using an ultrasonic flow meter?

Clamp on flowmeters are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that they are easy to install since it is not necessary to cut a pipe or stop a process to obtain accurate flow measurements.  With the appropriate  Reynolds correction they are able to measure both water based liquids and oil based fluids. 

What types do we offer?

Select the type of flowmeter for your application. Either mains powered 110/220 VAC or 24 VDC with analogue and pulse outputs or battery operated units.

Portable Flowmeters

What makes the flow meter installation easy?

To get meaningful flow readings only requires some basic information on the liquid and the pipe such as

  • Outer Diameter
  • Pipe Wall thickness
  • Fluid Temperature
  • Type of Fluid (normally water based or oil based)
  • Units of measurement e.g. GPM / LPM etc

With this information, the meter will calculate the distance/spacing between the sensors which are clamped on to the pipe wall using a tension strap

How long will it take to perform a flow measurement?

If the meters are already powered up, it can take only minutes.

Can the meters measure totalised flow and bi-directional flow ?

The meters have a built in digital display counter to report both flow rate and total and can measure both positive and negative flow rates

Is data logging and retrieval available?

The meters can be set to log flow and the information retrieved and reported in an Excel file.

What are typical applications for the Portalok /Sonalok Flowmeters?

  • Power Plant Water
  • HVAC Airconditioning
  • Municipal Water
  • Balancing and checking any liquid flow system
  • Chemicals
  • Semiconductor and Electronic Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Fire Pump Checking
  • Oil Consumption

What models are available ?

The following meters can be selected or EESIFLO contacted for a recommendation and availability of the appropriate flow measuring device.

Portable Flowmeters 

Portable Flowmeters 

Portalok Series


Sonalok 7S Stationary Mains Powered Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Mains Powered Flow Meters

Sonalok Series


EESIFLO 8000 Series Explosionproof Ultrasonic Flow Meter

ATEX Versions (for hazardous area applications