6000 series ultrasonic flow meter

6000 Series Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Dual Channel Flow Meter
Portable Clamp on Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Our range of non-invasive flowmeters utilises ultra-sonic technology for the accurate flow measure-ment of liquids in full pipes. The portable device has been designed to meet the needs of the Service/Maintenance and Commis-sioning Engineer wishing to check the flow rate of liquids at different locations in the plant. The set-up of the unit is simple and user friendly in order to obtain the required flow information in minutes.

The measurement of flow is based on the principle that sound waves are influenced by a flowing medium. Measurements are made by penetrating the pipe with ultrasound and subsequently time differences, frequency variations and phase shifts of the ultrasonic signals are evaluated. The ultrasonic sensors are clamped onto the outside of the pipe, thus eliminating the need to dismantle the pipework and interrupt the process. The unit can be applied to any type of standard pipe carrying clean or dirty liquids.

6000 series ultrasonic flow meter


  • Portable dual mode flowmeter both TRANSIT TIME and DOPPLER mode without changing sensors
  • Easy to install clamp-on sensors with no process interruption
  • Non-invasive flow measurement of liquids, no pipeline disturbance, no pressure loss
  • Suitable for all commonly used pipe materials with pipe diameters from 6 mm to 6.5 m (1/4" to 256")
  • Integrated wall thickness measurement, 2 flow channels


  • Low installation effort and costs
  • Dual measuring mode (transit-time and doppler)
  • Measurement is independent of fluid conductivity and pressure
  • No pressure loss, no possibility of leakage
  • Retrospective installation for existing plants possible
  • No cutting of pipes necessary, no interruption of process, no plant shut down
  • No additional fittings for maintenance required
  • Hygienic measurement, no risk of contamination, suitable for ultra clean liquids
  • No contact with medium, no risk of corrosion when used with aggressive media
  • Cost advantages when used with large diameter pipes, high pressure systems, etc.

The EESIFLO 6000 series is a tried and tested ultrasonic flow meter is a highly accurate ultrasonic flow meter designed to measure flow rates on almost any kind of liquid application with single or dual channel. It is extremely easy to set up the flow meter and in some cases (with magnetic clamping fixtures) it should not take more than 1 minute.

The 6000 series is a powerful device designed to measure not only in general applications but also in very small and extremely large pipes (up to 6.5 M in diameter) The unit is available for rental and purchase through most EESIFLO office locations and also through EESIFLO distributors. The sensors have been carefully designed to eliminate errors caused by changing pipe temperatures and the diurnal effect.



Measuring principle Ultrasonic time difference correlation principle and doppler
Flow velocity range    0.01...25m/s
Resolution 0.025 cm/s 
Repeatibility 0.15 % of measured value 
± 0.015 m/s 
Accuracy Volume flow 
± 1 ... 3 % of measured value
depending on application,
±0.5 % of measured value withprocess calibration 
Flow velocity ± 0.5 % of measured value
Turn down ratio 1/200
Gaseous and solid  
content of medium < 10 % of volume

Flow transmitter

Enclosure Portable
Degree of protection    IP 54 according EN 60529
Operating temperature -10...60 ºC(14...140 ºF)
Housing material Aluminium, powder coated
Flow channels  2
Power supply Internal rechargeable battery
6 V/4 Ah or external power 
supply 9...15V DC
Operating time >14 h with fully charged battery
Display 2 x 16 digit LCD, dot matrix,
Dimensions H 118 x W 276 x D 310mm
(with handle)
Power consumption < 2.5 W in measurement mode
Signal damping 0...60 s, configurable
Response time  1 s, 70 ms optional
Measuring cycle  100 ... 1000 Hz, single channel
Calculation functions Average/difference/sum

Quantity and units of measurement

Volumetric flow rate m³/h, m³/min, m³/s, l/in, l/min, l/s,
USgph, bls/d (barrels per day)
Flow velocity m/s, inch/s
Mass flow rate g/s, t/h, kg/in, kg/min
Volume m³, l, gal (gallons)
Mass g,kg,t
Heat flow W. kW, MW (only with heat
quantity measurement option)
Heat quantity J. kJ, MJ (only with heat quantity measurement option)

Internal data logger

Storage capacity approx. 27,000 (optional
> 100,000) measuring values
 Logging data All measured and totalised
values, parameter sets


Serial interface RS 232 
Data    Instantaneous measured value,
parameter set and configuration, 
logged data

Software Data

Functionality Downloading of measured 
values/parameter set, graphical 
presentation, list format, export
to third party software, on-line
transfer of measured data
Operating systems   Windows™


Process inputs Galvanically isolated from main electronics
Temperature PT 100, four-wire circuit, measuring range - 50...400 ºC 
Current 0...20mA; Ri=50 ohm
Voltage 0...1 V; Ri = 1 Megaohm
Process outputs Galvanically isolated from main electronics
Current 0/4... 20 mA; passive (Uext< 24 V)
or active (Rext < 500 ohm)
Voltage 0...1 V or 0...10V, Ri=500 ohm
Digital (pulse, status) 0...1 kHz or 0 10 kHz; (OC)
Totaliser value 0.01 1000 / unit; 
width 80...1000 ms; (OC/ Reed)
Reed = Reed-NO contact 
(300 V /0.5 A)
OC = Open-Collector

Clamp-on sensors

Type M2N, M2E
Rated (possible)
diameter range    (50) 100...6500 mm
Dimensions 60 x 30 x 34 mm
Material Stainless steel
Temperature range Type M2N:
-30 ... 130 ºC (-22 ... 266 ºF) 
-30 ... 200ºC (-22 ... 392 ºF), for
short periods up to 
300 ºC (572 ºF) 
Degree of protection IP 65 acc. EN 60529, IP 68 optional
Type Q3N, Q3E
Rated (possible)
diameter range (10) 25...400 (1000) mm
Dimensions 43x18x22mm
Material  Stainless steel
Temperature range Type Q3N:
-30...130 ºC (-22...266 ºF)
Type Q3E:
-30...200 ºC (-22...392 ºF),
for short periods up to 300 ºC (572 ºF) 

Special Clamp-on sensors

Type S2N For very small pipe
diameters 6 ... 40 (100) mm
Other types On request

Wall thickness measurement

Measuring range :  1.0...200 mm 
Resolution    0.01 mm
Linearity 0.1 mm
Temperature range Standard version -20 ... 60 °C
High temperature version
0 ... 200 °C, for short periods up to 540 °C


-External power supply 230 V, 50Hz/12 V, 1.2 A; IP 30
-Car power adapter 12 V, 2 A
-Leather carving case 330 x 340 x 220 mm
-Cable extension 3 m, 5 m, 10 m or 20 m
-Sensor positioning rail for sensors type Q3, stainless steel V2A
-External printer, ink jet 192 dpi


6000 series ultrasonic flow meter
6000 series ultrasonic flow meter