EASZ-2 online water in oil/fuel analyser

What are the sources of Water contamination in oil?

Water can easily “creep” into systems through condensation in tanks, leaking heat exchangers, leaking coolers or simply through an overlooked design fault in a system. Unwanted water in a process is common. In fact, most industries are not even aware that they have a water contamination problem until it is too late.

Why use an online water in monitor?

Spot sampling does not give a clear picture of water ingress or contamination throughout prolonged periods.  This is because a spot sample does not monitor a total batch of oil in it’s entirety. In addition, operators will face the problems of sample handling, delays from lab reports and in some cases, the complete absence of any data in regards to the condition of the oil.   

In some places where fuel is delivered by trucks or ships, there is no real way to be sure that the product has been adulterated by unknown adding of water. In these instances, owners and operators have to face unaccounted losses in revenue and even damage to equipment if the water goes undetected. 


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Why typical moisture meters do not work?

Measuring the saturation level or humidity in oil assumes that water contamination never goes above the saturation point. Most typical moisture sensors also have a slow response time and are unable to capture a water event. An operator will never really know if a process is living up to expectations. 

What kind of damage is caused by too much water in oil?

In the case of fuel, the loss is a monetary. In a lubricating or hydraulic oil, too much water can cause components to function less optimally. These components will be working in conditions that they were not designed for. The most obvious evidence is corrosion (rusting) as well as fatigue on rotating parts like bearings. Component wear, jamming and even the formation of ice crystals needs to be avoided in systems where their effects can cause unwanted damage, capital loss and in some cases even the safety of personnel.

The EASZ-2 is a modern day “Easy 2 Use” online instrument that is far more accurate and repeatable than it’s predecessors. It has been designed to faithfully maintain accuracy/repeatability in industrial environments without compromising precision, especially in lower concentrations of water.

The EASZ-2 display will give not only a visual indication of the water content but also a backlight status e.g. green for normal condition, yellow/amber for approaching limits and red for alarm conditions. The electronics give the user a choice of a milliamp output, a contact output or Modbus communication as standard. The unit is also CE compliant and has been designed and tested to meet the most recent European EMC requirements.

Do you require an insertion watercut meter?

Look no further. EESIFLO manufactures it’s own unique range of Insertion Watercut probes. These are ideal for applications where inserting a probe into a crude oil pipeline is preferred.

What information is needed to size an insertion watercut meter?

Let us know the pipe sizes , pressures, temperatures and the take off port height, so that we can establish what the throw length is. Our insertion meters are typically manufactured in 316L and have been designed to insert into large crude oil pipes starting from 6 inches.

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