EESIFLO has developed and manufactures two generations of water in fuel/water in oil (inline) monitoring devices for various marine applications. These are the EASZ-1 and EASZ-2. Both products are used in various marine applications including the detection of water in fuel e.g. diesel, HFO in bunkering. These units have often been installed in water/oil separator outlets and various lubrication or hydraulic lines onboard seagoing vessels such as ocean liners, oil tankers and even military submarines. 

We have worked throughout the years with marine consultants, engineering companies, ship management and system integrators. We are grateful, especially to integrators who have implemented our EASZ-1 and EASZ-2 inline water in fuel monitors to work in tandem with their various monitoring systems.

The latest versions of the monitors now come Bluetooth enabled to simplify the calibration process and to ensure that an operator does not need to ever open the electronic enclosure if it has been designed to be permanently locked to avoid tampering.

Measuring water content in fuel (or oil) has traditionally been a topic for laboratory equipment to satisfy. With the increase in automated systems and a focus on accountability, not just in emission and discharge or water test and treatment, the inline and online approach to water in oil (some call it moisture) is beginning to evolve where some operators are now thinking about the reliability of a device to truly detect water increase in oil as opposed to simply selecting, ordering, and installing a device for cosmetic purposes only. We often use our experience to help our clients know what is available with each technology and what to expect in certain scenarios that they may not be familiar with.

When a ship operator is faced with a question of what kind of instrumentation to use onboard to measure water in oil inline, we are here to assist and provide a workable solution no matter what kind of ship is being operated and whatever range of water in oil is being looked at. We now manufacture devices to cover the full range of marine requirements.

Reliable real-time data on water presence in oil and fuel is possible with the EASZ range of water monitors once they have been calibrated have been calibrated to the fuel or oil. Contact us if you would like to discuss how the EASZ-1 or EASZ-2 can be a useful addition to your system.

Compact Water in Oil Monitor for Ship Fuel, Engines, Lubrication and Hydraulic Applications Onboard Vessels:

Standard Units for Marine Applications

Technicians no longer have to think about the different saturation points of multiple oils since water in any form is now being measured. No more frequent cleaning of optical lenses.

Measuring water in any state is critical since water can create havoc for engines . Whether it is water in fuel or water in lubrication oil it often goes undetected and when it is finally detected, it is probably too late. water in oil monitors that will immediately report an event or a change in the situation so that vessel operators have time to make important decisions.

EESIFLO design and manufacture online water in oil sensors continually sensing the fluid’s total dielectric value. Range and response time are not an issue while water is measured in all it’s forms, whether dissolved, saturated or free.

Here are some of the applications we have used the EASZ water/oil transmitters around the world in the marine industry.

Here are some of the applications we have used the EASZ Water/Oil Transmitters around the world in the Marine Industry:

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