Inline Water in Oil
Monitors for All


The EASZ-1 and EASZ-2 are products designed and manufactured by EESIFLO. They measure liquid concentrations by utilizing dielectric methods as opposed to the standard optical systems. Thereby significantly reducing maintenance and downtime. Our products do not require frequent cleaning and recalibration when measuring opaque liquids.  Both high and low ranges are measured with consistent accuracy.

The EASZ-1 Water-Cut Monitor is a reliable online instrument that has been in use for more than a decade. It is a low powered 2-wire solution for water in oil measurements. Suitable for offshore and onshore environments with simplified zero calibration on dry oil with the press of a button. Percentage calibration using RS-232 or HART.

The EASZ-2 LR is an “Easy 2 Use” online instrument that is far more accurate and repeatable than it’s predecessors. It has been designed to faithfully maintain accuracy and repeatability in industrial environments without compromising precision, especially in lower concentrations of water…


Online cut measurements of oil in water or water in oil. Communication through RS-485 Modbus with 4-20 mA output, low/ high alarm. Bluetooth for easy set-up and calibration in an oil field. A modern solution to an age old application. The multi-point calibration system allows users to improve the accuracy across the full range of 0-100%.

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