What is a full-cut water-cut meter?

Full cut implies the ability to measure water in crude oil or crude oil in water from 0-100%. This EESIFLO Full Range (FR)  version of the EASZ-2 uses a wide range oscillator to measure water content in the 0-100% range. It uses modern circuits, components and software to improve the signal processing so that quasi signals are filtered out. This technology is extremely useful for two-phase and three-phase crude oil separators in oil fields at initial production stages and further downstream separation, transport, metering and transfer of crude oil products.

Light crude, medium crude and heavy crude oil 0-100% Inline Water in Oil Measurements in oil exploration and production.

Full-Cut Water Cut Transmitter

The Easz-2 Full range unit (FR) uses a wide range oscillator which enables it to measure a volume consisting of 100% water or 100% oil as well as fractions of water/oil. It was initially developed for operators who were unsure at the initial stages what to specify as a range e.g. 0-1% water in oil, 0-10%, 0-25%, 0-50% and even 0-100%. With such wide range possibilities, it is more convenient for operators to reconfigure the same instrument for an alternative range if the actual ranges in the process differ from the ordered range. Over the years, our experience has shown that very often those who have specified a water in oil range did not have proper access to important details regarding water/oil ranges. If the range is unknown, it is possible to reconfigure the instrument to work within any range.


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EASZ-2 Full Cut

The EASZ-2 Full-Cut is easy to install and operate with an Ex rating for oilfield applications. With the Bluetooth option, there is no longer a need to open the enclosure or connect to any wiring terminals when calibration or re-calibration is required.

Ten Point Calibration

The multi-point calibration option gives users greater freedom to improve accuracy in applications where the make-up of the oil-water mixture is unknown in the water/oil or oil/water phase. The effects of salt, additives and contaminants are less of an issue with multi-point calibration. 

User Selectable Orientation of the Water-Cut Display

This feature was added because of users requesting an option be available to change the orientation of the EASZ-2 due to various piping configurations. The cut meter display can be rotated 90° either clockwise or anti-clockwise from it’s default horizontal installation position. The units can also be pre-ordered to the most convenient display position before shipment.

Replacement of legacy type Water-cut meters

An excellent option for new oil-field developments onshore or offshore. Explosion-proof certified and available in standard and custom lengths/dimensions to replace existing devices. 

  • Real-time production management, optimization, and automation
  • Well head: automatic well test, multiphase separators
  • Crude oil batching
  • Monitoring crude oil separator retention time 
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