EESIFLO is a self-financed, privately owned entity with unique intellectual property, designs and manufacturing capabilities. We have an ever growing customer base including end users, consultants, international contractors, resellers and agents.

About the Founder

In 1983, EES was incorporated by Mr. David Michael Hughes who was an eminently qualified metallurgist/chemical engineer, a true pioneer and protagonist for many diversified measurement and control products originating from the USA and UK that are now utilized across the world.  

His primary interest in water in oil technology began in the early 70’s when he innovatively embarked on the introduction of early generation ‘pressure based’ oil in water, and water in oil percentage monitoring devices, and further pioneered their utilization in the oilfields of West Texas.

Two decades ago, EESIFLO International was established to enhance the design of, and to exclusively manufacture it’s proprietary range of water in oil monitors for the global oil and gas Industries, which has from it’s early generation(s) evolved into the industry standard EASZ-2 unit, and more recently the innovative FR series utilizing temporal frequency technology enhancing clarity and accuracy.


David created the unique name EESIFLO a synonym of EASYFLOW, thereby ensuring that the legacy of the respected EES company would always be remembered, an incarnation that has ensured that EESIFLO has evolved into an inspirational and revered product manufacturer, paving the way for many to utilize and replicate. The current team at EESIFLO are indebted to David for not only his unwavering generosity, his kindness, his inspiration, and steadfast leadership, which is a fitting legacy to a man who will always be remembered and revered across the whole industry.

The mantle has been passed on to his sibling Phillip Hughes and the team who remain dedicated to growing the Company, and pioneering new products and technologies that will further benefit the Industry.

EESIFLO is a registered trademark 77071229

A word from our current CEO

I would like to personally thank all those clients who make suggestions to us on how we can better improve our designs, our support and service. We would also like to thank you for any business that you have given to our organisation over the years, especially in those difficult times, and even if it was only just one flow meter, one analyzer or just some spares. Everything counts! 

I would also like to thank the partners and employees who take an active interest in this business and have inspired me by their diligence and encouragement. I am proud to be part of this current team with so many willing people who have a positive attitude. Lets hope it stays this way for as long as possible!

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