December 2017

EASZ-2 water in oil/fuel analyser

EESIFLO International announces the completed development and initial full production of the EASZ-2 water in oil/fuel analyser in December 2017.


We are very pleased with the initial results and the successful implementation of the first batch of EASZ-2’s, which have been tested both in our facilities and in several of our client’s laboratories with good results in late 2017.  

We see a great future for this new line of products and are excited about many new applications, not just for water in oil/fuel measurements but also in the field of more reliable online dielectric constant measurements in fluids.

The EASZ-2 was developed over several years as a response to the need for more accurate and reliable water in oil/fuel monitoring. One of the major concerns from our best clients has been the lack of access to calibration facilities where an FAT can be witnessed.

Much effort was put into implementing standards and procedures for testing and calibration that more adequately reflected the conditions that the monitors would face on site after installation.

EASZ-2 water in oil/fuel analyser

EASZ-2 water in oil/fuel analyser

New calibration rig in Europe

Leading the way, we have provided a service to customers who are looking for solutions to actual problems they face in the field, especially where spurious claims have been made in regards to accuracy and repeatability.

The calibration rig has been designed not only to calibrate the EASZ-2 but also to provide a way for our clients to compare results with competitor products in varying conditions.  For more information on our new range of analysers, please contact us or one of our representative offices.