Online Water in oil Monitor




The EASZ-1 oil/water monitor is a highly accurate online analyzer that is installed in a pipe and measures the amount of water in any oil or hydrocarbon under pressure. Water contamination in oil is often measured for various purposes to prevent loss of revenue, additive depletion, oil oxidation, corrosion, reduced lubricating film thickness, accelerated component wear rates, microbiological growth, increase/ reduction of dielectric constant and loss of power. Many of these problems can be averted in time by careful monitoring.


  • Response time 1 second
  • Measurement of total water in any form whether dissolved , free or emulsified
  • Loop powered 2 wire
  • Temperature compensation
  • Monitors Fluid condition of operating equipment or oil product contamination level
  • Flexible ranges

  • Water in Hydraulic Oil
  • Water in Lubrication Oil
  • Water in Vegetable Oil
  • Water in Crude Oil
  • Water in Diesel
  • Water in Hydrocarbons
  • Water in Transmission Fluid
  • Dielectric Constant Monitoring (Chemical Plants)

  • Marine Engines
  • Marine Oil Lubrication Systems
  • Marine Fuel Emulsion Monitoring
  • Power Plants (Turbine Lubrication Oil)
  • Refineries (Oil Analysis Systems)
  • Petrochemical (Product Quality Check)
  • Gas Condensate Monitoring
  • Pulp and Paper (Vacuum Dehydration Units)
  • Steel Mills (Morgoil and Cooling)
  • Mining (Rated M1 for mines)
  • Oil Purification Check
  • Aviation (Tank outlets)​



  • Radiated Emissions
  • Electrostatic Discharge
  • Radiated Immunity
  • Fast Transient Bursts
  • Surge Immunity
  • Conducted RF Immunity


IECEx Certified


CSA/US certified

Gost Certificate


Determining the amount of water in oil in a pipe system can be a difficult task if it is not possible to know anything more than the water content at the time a spot sample was taken.

An electronic measurement is taken approximately every second by the EASZ-1, ensuring that more than enough data can be collected over a short or long time period. This enables users to monitor changes over time or an immediate event





Continuous and accurate monitoring of water in oil contamination including lubrication oils, fuels and hydraulic oils, diesel and any oil based chemical. The EASZ-1 is a unique water in oil monitoring system which provides online water reporting for all types of Engine fuel or Lubrication, Pipelines, Turbines, Thrusters, Azipods, Gears, Separators, Vacuum Oil Dehydrators, Basket Type Oil Centrifuges, High Speed Purifiers and various Filtration Systems and Stabilizers with a means of continuous monitoring of the oil systems for possible water in oil contamination.

The EASZ-1 temperature compensated microprocessor based loop powered water in oil sensor enables fast and reliable drift free online detection and monitoring of moisture percentage or ppm water in oil.


The EASZ-1 is normally a quick ship item and can be retrofitted into existing oil systems either as a bypass instrument or in full bore inline versions. 

Online Water in oil Monitor

The EASZ-1 is manufactured in sizes 1 inch to 48 inch Threaded -NPT or BSP / Flanged ANSI , DIN or JIS . The following is a specification for a 1 inch general industry version. Special application EASZ-1’s can be tailored to suit higher temperature and pressures on request.

Size 1 inch Threaded -NPT or BSP / Flanged ANSI , DIN or JIS
Water in Oil range 0-1%, 0-3% , 0-10% , 0-25% (other non standard ranges are user selectable e.g 0-4%)
Resolution +/- 30ppm
Temperature compensation Integral
Sensor Maximum Temperature range 0-260 degF /125 degC
Minimum recommended flow velocity Recommend 0.15 m/s
Shipping Weight Approximately 2kg/6lbs
Construction Material All 316 stainless steel.
Standard Pressure Rating 16 Bar /230 psi (higher pressure consult factory)
Power Requirements Loop Power 12/24 vdc
Electronic Housing Protection IP 66
Electronic Housing Temperature Range Range -40 °F -185 °F (-40 °C to 85 °C)
Hazardous Area Compliance (optional ATEX/IECEX Zone 0, CSA/US Class 1 Dvi 1, GOST)
Outputs 4-20 mA DC , RS232 Full Duplex/ HART
Display Options Remote readout/display /low-high alarm