Portable Flow Meter


The Portalok 7s (original version) is a flow meter that is still very much in production because of its overwhelming popularity in the field.

One of the advantages of the Portalok 7S ultrasonic flow meter are its proven track record and its thousands of reliable measurements in almost every imaginable clamp on flow application. The flow meter is extremely popular in flow surveys because of its ability to conduct speedy measurements with minimum user knowledge.  Failing on flow measurements can be very time consuming and frustrating for the actual end users and operators of the equipment who want reliable and easy to use (EASY FLOW) flowmeters. The EESIFLO®  Portalok 7S ultrasonic flow meter does exactly what most users want in a fraction of the time it takes for others but also provides accurate and meaningful results.

Technicians in the field have testified that this is a virtually a “no fail” device that does not suffer from inherent problems found with many other clamp on flowmeters such as low signal strength, doubtful measurements and time consuming set ups. The Portalok 7S is also available in the United States, UK and parts of Asia as an ultrasonic flow meter rental unit to allow end users to “kick the tyres” before purchasing. The Portalok 7S is not just limited in measurements of water and water based solutions. The option to measure oil based fluids is also a part of its core design.



  • HVAC – Energy Audits/Chiller Optimization
  • MUNICIPAL WATER – Large pipe flow surveys – Leak Detection
  • CHEMICAL PLANTS – Process check measurements/Toxic chemicals
  • OIL & GAS PRODUCTION – Produced Water / Hot Oil
  • REFINERIES – Cooling Towers /General Process flow checks/Maintenance
  • PUMP SUPPLIERS/CUSTOMERS – Pump Performance checks/Maintenance
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